Snapchat Spotlight: feature gives rival TikTok a run for its money squib

Since Spotlight’s launch, the app has been giving ordinary users a share of $1m daily for popular content

Pet influencers are nothing new on social media. From Marnie the shih tzu (RIP) to Grumpy Cat (also RIP), there’s a long history of animals becoming famous on the internet – and their owners making a quick buck off them in turn.

But Crusha, a nine-year-old black-and-white moggy from Norfolk, is not a typical social media star. For one thing, she’s only featured in one video, and it’s not exactly glamorous: a misstep as she scampers across a conservatory roof leaves her slowly sliding down plastic sheeting before she catches herself just at the last minute and scurries back up with an indignant mew.

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