Jimmy Kimmel Gleefully Roasts Donald Trump, Jr. for Getting COVID squib


On Monday night, Jimmy Kimmel took aim at one of his favorite comedic targets: Donald Trump, Jr., the ne’er-do-well eldest son of outgoing President Trump.

In the past, Kimmel has called out the extremely-online heir for spreading wacky conspiracy theories and overall idiocy, leading the two to lob insults at each other on Twitter and the Trump spawn to resurface old comedy sketches of Kimmel’s that he objects to in an attempt to “cancel” him, while at the same time whining incessantly about so-called “cancel culture.”

So you just knew that Kimmel would address Don Jr. coming down with COVID-19 this past week—a disease that his accused sexual harasser-girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle and accused serial rapist-father have also contracted.

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