It’s Fine to Celebrate Christmas Right Now—Because 2020 squib


Step into Myers of Keswick, a traditional British grocery store located in the heart of New York’s West Village, and you will get smacked in the face with holiday cheer. Though only four people are allowed inside of the store at a time, per COVID rules, there has been a steady stream of expats buying their Christmas mince pies and Christmas puddings, chocolate assortments, and festive biscuit tins since the shipment came in mid-October.

“We’re very busy,” Jennifer Myers, the daughter of the store’s original owner, said on the phone while speaking over the bustle of shoppers. “I find that it’s because a lot of Brits are not going back for the holidays this year. Because this year has been so shitty, pardon my French, they’re bringing more gifts to their home celebrations.”

As families make the gut-wrenching decision to cancel holiday gatherings, coronavirus cases are surging, and the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree looks anemic and deflated, there is not a whole lot to celebrate this season. But look on social media, or through the windows of your neighbors’ place that is already dotted with tinsel and pine, and you will see: people still want some cheer, damn it.

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