Trumpworld Thinks Hunter Biden’s Addiction Is Funny. They’re About to Be the Punchline. squib

Paul Morigi/Getty for World Food Program USA

Huntergate was meant to be the WikiLeaks 2.0. Trumpworld hoped the story of the contents of Hunter’s laptop would mimic the trajectory of the story about the contents of Anthony Weiner’s laptop. It was literally a reprise of October 2020. Rudy Giuliani hoped another laptop might save the self-devouring Ouroboros snake of fuckery that is the Trump campaign.

Hunter Biden, of course, had a drug problem. The bet in Trumpworld was clearly that the rest of America would think of addicts as hopelessly damaged, corruptible, and beyond hope, and that Joe Biden is somehow at fault for loving his addict son.

The jump Trumpworld wanted you to make was to deem Joe morally deficient for having an addict son or somehow compromised for loving an addict. This whole scenario is made slightly more ironic by the fact that Trump had an alcoholic brother, and there is at least circumstantial evidence that other members of the Trump family also struggled with substance abuse issues.

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