Cops Keep Framing Service Workers for the Same Reason They Keep Killing Black People squib


Cops lie, not just often, but with the bravado and confidence of people who know they will neither be caught nor held accountable. And plenty of those lies are made against people working for crap wages and no benefits in the service industry. 

In recent weeks, New York City officers fabricated poisoned Shake Shack milkshakes, a Georgia cop paranoia-conjured a tainted McMuffin, and a Los Angeles officer tweeted photos of what is definitely not a tampon-contaminated coffee. The trail of lies goes back years prior, and includes a Utah cop accusing a Subway employee of putting THC and meth in his drink, NYPD cops making a false report about a razor blade in a deli sandwich, an Indianapolis cop blaming McDonald’s employees for missing food that it turned out he himself had eaten, and two different police in Oklahoma and Kansas independently making up the same lie about fast-food workers defacing their cups with the word “pig.” 

There may seem to be no comparison between recent murders of Black people and police lies about their treatment by restaurant workers. But a strain of the murderous police violence on display in extrajudicial killings of Black citizens is also present in the ostensibly more benign falsehoods they push about restaurant workers. 

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