Why Is Iran Now Pushing Right-Wing Fake News? squib

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The Islamic Republic may not be MAGA-curious, but for some reason it is suddenly trying to find an in with conservative extremists. Facebook just took down a half dozen troll accounts posting anti-Trump memes in right-leaning Christian groups, and now there’s a Tehran-linked fake news site that wants you to think it’s recruited a handful of semi-famous right-wing pundits. So how and why is Tehran veering right in its fake news? 

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Ayatollahs for Jesus: In a post on Wednesday, Facebook said it had removed a handful of Iran-linked accounts posting on subjects ranging from politics to foreign policy. The accounts were linked to an earlier cluster of “inauthentic activity” from a previous suspension but this time their behavior was a little different. In the last suspension, Facebook took down a handful of accounts that recycled Iranian state news under the guise of original content from local news outlets.This time around, Iran was clearly trying to find friends with a different demographic—and it’s not the far-left types skeptical of U.S. foreign policy who have typically been targeted with Iranian propaganda. 

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