9 Fitness Influencers and Trainers We Can't Stop Watching on TikTok Right Now squib

Whether you're looking for exercise routines and expert advice from certified trainers, or simply want to do nothing more than stare at Gus the English Bulldog interrupting his owner's workouts, social media can be a grade-A place for fitness content. And, in case you haven't already noticed, TikTok is no exception.

We're not just talking about the Flex Challenge (may the odds be ever in your favor if you attempt that one). Influencers like Jen Selter and trainers such as Cassey Ho have migrated over to the land of beauty hacks, lip syncs, and catchy dances we can't get enough of. Why? Because TikTok is F.U.N.

Looking for fitness motivation and trainers to follow on the app? After a deep dive, we've complied a list of influencers and experts. Some of them (the trainers) provide actual workout tips and exercises, while others (mostly the influencers) show off tricks and post entertaining content we're beaming over. So, scroll on, my friend. We invite you!

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