Brexit: May scrambles to get support for her deal ahead of vote next week - Politics live squib

After Thursday’s vote allowing an extension of Article 50, the prime minister is seeking support from DUP and hardline Brexiters

Austria would be in favour of granting Britain a “short extension” to Brexit, according to Karin Kneissl, Austria’s Minister for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs.

However, it remains to be seen whether other EU states would also agree and it is very difficult to say where a longer one would be granted, she told BBC’s Politics Live.

Is the DUP about to budge from their opposition to May’s deal?

The party is holding “ongoing and significant discussions with Government” over Brexit, the Press Association reports.

Are the DUP on the move? @DUPleader tells us they're in talks with govt, 'we want to make sure we get there' and 'when you come to end of a negotiation that's when you start to see the whites in people's eyes and you get down to point where you can make a deal'

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