The Walking Dead showrunner reveals intel on the Highwaymen squib

The Whisperers are not the only new threat out there in season 9 of The Walking Dead. Sunday’s “Chokepoint” episode will introduce another mysterious group, known as the Highwaymen. In a preview clip released by AMC (seen above), we see Ezekiel and Carol reading a ransom note delivered by Jerry from the group saying that they control the roads around the Kingdom and demanding payment for anyone that wishes to use them to get to the fair.

After digesting the letter, Carol notes that the fair could be the Kingdom’s last chance, and Ezekiel tells Jerry to “gather every fighter we can spare” for battle. Ah, but who is this group they may be fighting against? We asked showrunner Angela Kang to drop a hint about we should expect from the Highwaymen.

“Just when the Kingdom thought they had everything on lock for the fair, which they desperately need, here comes this group that basically is like a mob that’s moved into the territory because of the group that Carol took out,” says Kang. “And now they’ve got a giant obstacle that they’ve got to deal with, and they don’t know exactly what the script is like, or how much danger they pose. There’s going to be some action and excitement that comes out of that.”

But just as Ezekiel notes in the clip that the “Saviors don’t write letters,” Kang also teases that this new group may be a bit unconventional and unlike other potential foes we have met in the past. “What does it mean when a group decides to write a letter?” says Kang. “It’s like a blackmail letter, and how do you deal with that? The solutions may be surprising.”

Prepare to be surprised when the Highwaymen are introduced on Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead.

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