Here Are 6 Shows That Will Empower Your Girls, and You Can Stream Them All on Netflix squib

Netflix is a delightful black hole full of entertainment fit for each and every type of person, including young girls who deserve to see girls and women doing everything from working in STEM to highlighting the importance of female friendships. In honor of National Women's Month, Netflix is highlighting shows with strong female leads - like Julie Andrews, aka the queen - to give girls a feeling of empowerment and prove that there's nothing they can't do, try, accomplish, or be (which is of the utmost importance, seeing as studies have shown gender stereotypes about intellectual ability emerge early and influence children's interests).

But truthfully, these are shows for both girls and boys to enjoy, because everyone, not just girls, should feel that seeing strong women represented in the media - and then out crushing it in the real world - is nothing but normal.

Ahead, the six awesome shows you can binge-watch with your daughters and sons for the rest of this month and beyond.

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