The 2018 Mashable House will warp you into another dimension squib


It’s that time of year again, people. 

No, not the Olympics. We're talking about this year's SXSW in Austin, TX. As usual, it's where the best of tech and culture converge — and Mashable is right there in the middle of everything. 

The Mashable House will be returning to SXSW Interactive from March 9 to 11. Come find us at 610 East 6th Street in downtown Austin. We’ll be the ones radiating good vibes. And of course, it’s not a proper SXSWi without a MashBash to cap it all offRegistration is now open

This year, we're taking you on a nostalgia-fueled adventure. "Mashable House: Time Warp" will celebrate the old and the new, the real and the artificial. It's our way of acknowledging just how far we’ve come, and how far we have left to go. This time around we invite you to throw it back, look toward the future, and live in the moment ... all at the same time! Read more...

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