Kristen Bell Shared A Happy Marriage 'Cheat Sheet' And It's Seriously Good Advice squib

The term #relationshipgoals is thrown around a lot these days, so much so that a couple could take a selfie together at Taco Bell and people would gush about how amazing they are.

However there are some people who are worthy of the title, and celebrity couple Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell definitely fit the bill.

Bell recently penned a list of marital advice based on her own experience, to a friend of hers who's getting hitched.

And it turns out that the advice is really, really good. So good that she decided to share it with the rest of the internet.

According to relationship experts, a lot of Bell's tips for a long-lasting marriage are right on the nose. Opening yourself up to be emotionally vulnerable is proven to build long-lasting relationships with others, as is spending some time apart.

There are tons of people online who are nodding their heads in unison, applauding Bell's advice.

Married people especially know the trials and tribulations of "till death do us part" and can't give enough praise to Bell's list.

Some Twitter users didn't just fall in love with Bell's words, but her handwriting as well.

To get the seal of approval from other married couples is a huge feather in Bell's cap. Because, sadly, if there ever was an institution that could get you cynical: it's marriage.

But fighting to have empathy and increase your capacity for love on a daily basis is a pretty noble cause.

Bell and Shepard aren't the only #relationshipgoals celebrity couple with some tips for a great marriage.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are known to be a couple of head over heels lovebirds.

Teigen and Legend both say that spending some time apart, like Bell, has strengthened their marriage, so it looks like there's something to the old adage: "separation makes the heart grow fonder."

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