This Pun Was So Confusing People Got Hysterical Over It squib

Fans of puns will be pulling their hair out over this one, and people who hate puns will finally feel vindicated. 

Writer for The Opposition with Jordan Klepper on Comedy Central, Asher Perlman, shared a photo of an advertisement for what I assume is eggs. Since he's a writer for a comedy show, let's also assume he was being sarcastic when he joked this sign was a great pun:

But pun aficionados are treating it seriously.

A few people graciously explained that this "pun" is just replacing a word with another word, but they don't sound the same nor mean the same thing. It's more like Mad Libs than a pun, if you think about it.

Apparently, this isn't a rare problem in advertising:

My personal theory is that "Egg morning!" isn't a greeting—it's a directive. Have an egg morning by buying our eggs and shoving them in your face. Or else. Egg morning!

What do you think?

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